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Logitech Debuts Keyboard For Smart TVs

Newark, Calif. — Logitech is expanding into the smart-TV accessories market with its K830 Illuminated Living-Room keyboard.

The wireless, rechargeable keyboard features soft-feel backlit keys, an integrated touchpad and Bluetooth connectivity, and it was designed for ease of use from a couch or bed in a dark room.

“More and more consumers want an easy way to access movies, TV programs, music and photos with their PC connected to a TV,” said Charlotte Johs, global brand development VP for PC accessories at Logitech. “Our new Illuminated Living-Room keyboard K830 is designed with this setup in mind. Backlit keys and a premium aesthetic that blends into the living room make it a stand-out choice for people with connected TVs.”

The K830 automatically dims or brightens its backlit keys based on the amount of light in the room. Typing activates the key illumination, and when the user stops typing, the backlight turns off after five seconds to help save power.

The rounded sides of the keyboard make it easy to hold, and the slim design allows it to be stored vertically to save space, Logitech said.

The K830 is expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe later this month with a suggested retail of $99.99.