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LifeTech To Bring XDream Brand To U.S.

Anaheim, Calif. – LifeTech Brands will bring the XDream brand of portable speakers and external power banks to the U.S. market on an exclusive basis through its network of retailers and distributors, the company announced.

The XDream line is made by China’s Famous Works Electronics.

LifeTech Brands already markets protective cases, external power banks, wireless speakers and other mobile accessories in the U.S. The speaker selection at Famous Works Electronics includes Bluetooth speakers, custom-printed foldable speakers, and the X-Vibe, a pill-shaped wired speaker.

The X-Vibe connects to an MP3 player’s headphone output and reproduces music by vibrating any object, such as a window, table or water bottle. An object vibrates when the speaker’s transducer is detached from the speaker housing and stuck to the object, all the while remaining tethered to the speaker via a cable.

XDream power banks feature machined-aluminum housings and 8-hour charging times.