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LG Unveils 55-Inch LCoS, 4K LCD TVs


LG Electronics started International
CES 2012 with a bang by unveiling a pair of nextgeneration
display technologies that could help lift
the industry’s TV business from the threatened commodity

The company unveiled one of the world’s largest
OLED TV displays — a 55-inch screen size — and an
84-inch 240Hz LED back-lit LCD TV with so-called
2K by 4K resolution, called Ultra Definition (UD).

LG marketing executives said
the 55-inch OLED set will feature
Full 1080p resolution and
is currently slated for a lateyear
2012 introduction.

As for the core TV line, the
company will offer 37 LCD
models across 13 model series.
All but six models in three
CCFL backlit series will have
LED edge or back lighting.

Seventy-five percent will
feature LG’s smart-TV functionality
and 40 percent will be
3D capable. Screen sizes will
range from 22 inches to 84

LG is building off the success of its Cinema 3D
(passive 3D glasses) FullHD LCD TVs. It is also introducing
a Cinema Screen minimalist bezel design
in select models and has enhanced the smart-TV system
for added ease of use and flexibility.

The Cinema Screen design is said to present an
“almost zero bezel” look to the screen, said Tim Alessi,
LG product marketing director. The bezel on a topof-
the-line 9600-series model measures less than
5mm wide and complements a ribbon-look stand.

Meanwhile, the passive-glasses Cinema 3D system
has been enhanced in 2012 with the addition
of 3D depth control to increase or decrease the 3D
effect to consumer preference. It has also added 3D
miss-match correction to make sure left and right eye
images match exactly in color, sharpness, etc., and a
sound-zoom effect that will adjust the parameters of
3D sound to match action in the visual.

Alessi said 2012 Cinema 3D models also have
upgraded 2D-to-3D conversion algorithms to create
a more dynamic 3D effect for
2D material.

Taking the technology a
step further, LG will use the
sets’ 3D capability on a new
Dual View game player system
that presents dual-view
designed games with two
different 2D images on one
screen at the same time.
Viewers wearing special
glasses (sold separately) will
see either just the left-eye
image or just the right-eye
image in 2D.

LG’s 2012 3D LCD TVs
will ship with six pairs of passive-
3D glasses in all series except the entry 3DTV
line, which will ship with four pairs.

LG’s smart-TV system has been upgraded this year
to include open web browsing capability with HTML5
and Flash 10 video support, in addition to an enhanced
dashboard and a Magic Motion Remote with three or
four modes (depending on the model) of gesture control
shortcuts. Top-end models will also include new
voice commands, using a mic pickup in the handset.

With voice commands, users will be able to do
such tasks and make Google searches and make
Facebook and Twitter entries without a keyboard.

Below the 84-inch UD LCD TV, LG has the
LM9500 series in the 60-, 55- and 47-inch screen
sizes. All have 1080p resolution, 480Hz refresh rates,
full-array LED backlighting, Cinema Screen Designs,
dual-core processors, Cinema 3D, and smart TV with
Magic Motion Remote with voice control.

LG will also introduce a new 72-inch screen size
in the LM9500 series offering a 240Hz refresh rate,
LED+, Cinema 3D, Cinema Screen design, dualcore
processing, and smart TV with Magic Motion

In plasma, LG is offering 12 models in six model
series. Four models in two series will offer 720p HD
resolution, including the 42- and 50-inch screen sizes.

Four series, all offering the 50- and 60-inch screen
sizes, will have FullHD resolution. Smart TV and 3D
will be offered together in four series, while two series
will omit both.

Additionally, the top three series (six models) will
be THX 2D/3D certified.

Plasma designs have also been enhanced, with
some models trimming the bezels to just more than
15mm thick, with panel thickness down to 2.06 inches.

Picture quality has been improved, with enhanced
black-level performance (40 percent lower than in
2011) and improved color accuracy in top models.

Many plasma models will also offer LG’s smart
TV with DLNA functionality, but will omit dual-core
processing and with it voice control in the Motion
Remote system.

All 3D plasma models will again use active-shutter
3D glasses. The top-of-the-line PM9700 series will
ship in April offering a TruBlack Filter for enhanced
black levels.