LG Previews 3D LED TVs On Broadway



LG Electronics took the christening of its new LED billboard at Times Square last week to reveal details of its next generation of 3D-capable LED full-array backlit LCD TVs featuring its new Nano Lighting Technology for improved clarity.

These displays, the LW7700 and LW9500 and LW7700 LED edge-lit LCD TV series with Nano Lighting, and the rest of LG’s 2011 lineup, will be on display next month at CES in Las Vegas next month.

The three LED edge-lit LCD TVs feature Nano Lighting, said to produce pictures that are brighter, clearer and smoother than earlier models.

The system uses an extremely thin film printed with a proprietary light-dispersion pattern combined with LED edge lighting to disperse light more evenly across the screen.

Panels in each series also employ anti-reflection coating, and improved local dimming technology in both 2D and 3D with Micro Pixel Control.

The technology is said to manipulate individual LED blocks, while Micro Pixel Control extends the color range.

The LW9500 series adds LG’s TruMotion 480Hz, while the LW7700 features LG’s TruMotion 240Hz, for reduced blurring of motion images.

The sets all feature LG’s Infinia ultra-slim single-panelof- glass profile designs.

Screen sizes in the series include 47-, 55- and 60-inches and all are expected to be THX 2D and 3D certified by launch. Pricing is expected to be announced at International CES.

The sets will also employ LG’s new twist on connected TV systems, which will be detailed at the show.

LG also pre-announced its first soundbar Tuesday.

The company is launching a model designed for 42-inchand- up TVs, offering two digital inputs, a Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder, proprietary virtual-surround technology, wireless 140-watt subwoofer, stereo Bluetooth transmitter and receiver, and USB Host port to control MP3/WMA-file playback from connected MP3 players.

The bar lacks HDMI inputs and outputs.

As for LG’s Broadway news, the company turned the switch on a new prominently displayed LED billboard in the middle of New York City’s Times Square this month.

The display and sign will give the company major visibility during the upcoming New Year’s Eve festivities.


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