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Lenovo Enters Global Desktop Market

Research Triangle Park, N.C. — Lenovo is making its first entry into the consumer desktop market outside of China with the global launch of its IdeaCentre K210 desktop.

The company’s entrée into the desktop market follows its first step into the global consumer notebook business earlier this year with the introduction of its IdeaPad series of notebooks.

The J210 features Bright Vision technology, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the monitor depending on how close the user is. It also uses VeriFace facial-recognition technology as a security feature that allows the user to log into the computer once a camera recognizes his face.

The computer’s Lenovo Vantage Technology menu helps a user recover from system crashes or viruses, and its file-management feature saves critical data on a separate system partition in case of system failure.

The system runs on Intel Core 2 Quad processors and comes complete with Intel GMA 3100 integrated graphics, though users have the option to upgrade the graphics to ATI Radeon 2600 XT. The PC features a Blu-ray Disc/HD DVD combo drive and “high-definition” 5.1-channel audio.

The device’s tool-free design allows users to easily service or expand their computer.

The machine comes complete with an anti-microbial keyboard.

The IdeaCentre K210 is available now at a starting price of $379 after mail-in-rebate. Separately sold monitors, such as the 19-inch L195W and the 22-inch L222W, are priced at $229 and $299, respectively, after mail-in rebates.