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Key Digital Processor, Decoder Bow

Key Digital Systems will use this week’s CEDIA Expo to unveil an outboard video processor and an ATSC set-top decoder box, for the custom installation market.

The Digital Blaster combines high-quality image scaling and format conversion with the ability to convert SDI inputs (both 480i and 1080i video signals) to a DVI-D output. The HD Hanna processor is billed as an integration box that combines a digital set-top box, video processor and video switcher with Firewire/5C and DVI-D digital connectivity.

The Digital Blaster, which ships in September at a $2,499 suggested retail price) features all-digital inputs and perform an array of format conversions, Key Digital said.

Output formats include the following: 720 by 480p at 60 Hz; 1,280 by 720p at 60 Hz; 1,280 by 768p at 60 Hz; 1,280 by 1,024p at 60 Hz; 1,920 by 1,080i at 60 Hz; 1,920 by 1,080p at 60 Hz; 1,920 by 1,080p at 24 Hz and pass-through.

The processor was designed to handle video source material entirely in the digital domain without the need to convert to analog. This is said to eliminate typical D-to-A conversion artifacts.

The processor is capable of accepting high-quality studio-standard Serial-Digital Interface (SDI) signals at the 270 Mb/s (SD) or 1.485 GBps (HD) bit rates, to start with the cleanest signals possible. The Digital Blaster will then scale the signal to the format required by the display and output the signal over DVI-D connectors for easy connection to most display monitors.

Also supplied on the box is RGBHV output over a D-sub connection.

The Digital Blaster uses Key Digital’s proprietary Clear Matrix Pro and Super Digital Scaling (SDS) technologies to process video signals.

Additional digital algorithms include Digital Edge Enhancement (DEE), which is said to produce “a smooth, film like quality” in the displayed image.

The HD Hanna, which ships in September at a $2,499 suggested retail price, is a set-top box that integrates ATSC and NTSC tuning/decoding with a video scaler. The unit decodes, and scales the video broadcasts to match the native resolution of most video displays.

The Hanna offers a choice of nine different output resolutions and adds IEEE-1394 “Firewire” interface with DTCP (aka 5C) content projection. It also adds RGBHV via D-sub and DVI-D digital video outputs, and Toslink audio output. Additionally, the box can be used to scale YPrPb signals through a component video input using an optional expansion card.

Key Digital is positioning the HD Hanna as an integrating solution and format adapter for virtually any video product.

The HD Hanna will decode off-the-air signals or RF cable. It can also be used to select 480i baseband (YPbPr, CVBS Composite and S-Video) signals or 1,080i baseband YPrPb (expansion card) input signals, and scale them to the native resolution of your display.

Features include high-quality down-scaling to SD and simultaneous upscaling to HD resolutions thereby creating two resolution zones.

Navigation is aided by an intuitive onscreen display and a programmable IR remote with hot buttons.