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JVC Joins iPod Dock Flock

Wayne, N.J. – JVC put its name for the first time on home and portable audio products that dock with and recharge Apple’s iPods.

The devices’ dedicated iPod connectors recharge iPods and enable control of an iPod’s play, stop, skip and volume functions from front panel controls or from included remotes. They also display song titles on their front panel displays, but not iPod menus.

Like other JVC home audio products unveiled earlier this year, the new products feature USB Host ports to connect USB drives and MP3 flash-memory headphone stereos. The JVC products will play MP3 or unprotected Windows Media Audio (WMA) files stored on the USB devices, display song titles, and control the play, stop, skip, and volume functions of USB devices. The JVC products will also recharge many USB-equipped MP3 flash-memory players, including all JVC flash-memory players.

The company’s Made for iPod line consists of the $249-suggested NX-PS1 desktop sub/sat system, which lacks embedded music sources and ships in September; the $199-suggested UX-EP25 three-piece CD micro system with AM/FM tuner and CD player; and the $129 RA-P10 CD boombox with FM tuner and October availability.

Also new: the $99-suggested RC-EZ38 CD boombox, which lacks an iPod dock but features USB Host. It’s available.

Here’s what each product delivers:

The NX-PS1 desktop system consists of three small cubes – a control unit and two speakers – each measuring about 4 inches on all sides. A powered subwoofer packs a 6-inch driver into a 9-inch cube. Amplification is rated at 2×10 watts plus 1×30 watts. All components are white and black.

An iPod stand offers iPod charging and control of play, stop, skip and volume from the system’s front panel or from the included remote.

USB Host allows playback of MP3 and WMA files from many flash audio players and flash-memory drives (WMA and MP3 files). It also offers the company’s USB Audio function for direct USB connection to a Windows or Mac computer to play the computer’s music files. An aux input allows for an analog connection to other playback devices.

Other features include clock/timer, wake-up volume, electronic bass and treble controls, headphone jack and four preset equalization settings.

The three-piece UX-EP25 AM/FM/CD microsystem offers an iPod connection with charging and control of play, stop, skip and volume. The black-and-white 2×7.5-watt system also features USB Host and USB Audio. The device is only a few inches tall. It also features auxiliary input, headphone jack, clock, a sleep timer with wake volume, and remote control.

The RA-P10 boombox with FM and integrated iPod dock can be powered by AC or six AA batteries. It’s also positioned as a clock-radio replacement. Features include a blue backlit display, alarm clock, room thermometer, auxiliary input, 2×4-watt amp, and a remote control. The RA-P10 is white, a little more than a foot long, less than 3 inches tall, and weighs 1.6 lbs. without batteries.

The RC-EZ38 is an AM/FM/CD/cassette boombox that lacks iPod dock but features USB Host. It displays song metadata and incorporates clock/timer, headphone jack and remote control.