JL Audio Debuts NexD Amps

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Miramar, Fla. - JL Audio announced a line of five HD amplifiers that feature the company's NexD technology.

The NexD technology, JL Audio said, is a suite of switching amp technologies that combines audio quality with efficiency and less complexity than its flagship HD amp's Single-Cycle Control technology.

Three models are currently shipping: the XD600/1, XD400/4 and XD600/6.

The XD600/1 is a 600-watt, Class D Monoblock subwoofer amp with 1x400 watts into 4 ohms. It carries a $449 suggested retail.

JL Audio said the XD600/1 is 33 percent smaller than the comparable HD750/1 and 61 percent smaller than the 500/1v2.

The XD400/4 is a Class D two-, three- and four-channel amp that measures 8.52 inches by 7.09 inches by 2.05 inches. It delivers 4x75 watts into 8 ohms per channel, JL said, and it also has a $449 suggested retail. It is 33 percent smaller than the company's comparable (but more powerful) HD600/4 and 61 percent smaller than the 300/4v2, according to JL Audio marketing VP Manville Smith.  

The third model currently shipping, the XD600/6, is a Class D three-, four-, five- and six-channel amp that measures 10.23 by 7.09 by 2.05 inches. It delivers 6x75 watts into 4 ohms per channel. Suggested retail is $549.

The two remaining models in the line will be the five-channel XD600/6 ($599) and two-channel ($329). The former will delivery 4x75 watts and 1x300 watts, and the latter will deliver 2x200 watts. Both will be available in June.


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