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iView Launches Digital Imaging Software

London -Software publisher iView Multimedia introduced a consumer version of its digital content management program: iView Media for Windows and Mac.

Designed for a consumer audience, iView Media is based on the company’s professional iView MediaPro and allows users to manage, share and protect their inventory of digital media including photos, graphics, video and music clips.

iView Media permits users to manage their content on computer hard disks, CDs, servers or the Internet. It supports more than 70 different file types including JPEG and DV and reads metadata standards such as EXIF, QT and IPTC.

Among other things, the software allows users to find photos, movies, sounds and other media, organize them by searchable tags, sort by simple characteristics (date, event or location), share media, create slide shows with audio soundtracks and automatically generate Web galleries of photos and movies.

Both versions of the software are available now for a suggested retail price of $29.95.

A Windows-based version of the professional version, iView MediaPro, is planned for later this year. Those who purchase iView Media will be credited its value against the purchase of iView MediaPro for Windows.