iPad Welcomed By e-reader Vendors

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New York - Stand-alone e-reader manufactures, for the most part, gave Apple's iPad a warm welcome stating the high-profile device will help spread the word on this up and coming category.

Although the iPad is a fully capable portable computer, one of its highlights is the ability to read books, magazines and newspapers.

"I think Apple's introduction of iPad solidifies the buzz in the e-book business and the delivery of contents into different platforms. It could be a little too early to say how this will affect our business in particular as we are targeting more of content providers and specific niche market," said Roger Diaz, director of business development, Foxit Corp.

Foxit makes the eSlick e-reader.

"The introduction of another mobile device, which includes digital reading as part of its functionality, is a good thing for the digital book business," said Steve Haber, President of Sony's Digital Reading Division. "Mobile devices with reading capabilities will play a key role in the paradigm shift from analog to digital content. At Sony, we're focused on devices optimized for digital reading and believe that digital books sales will surpass print sales within five years, if not sooner."

Greg Stetson, product manager for Ectaco, thought the iPad reader experience would be lacking. Ectaco makes the jetBook LITE, which was demonstrated at



"As for the iPad, not sure what kind of impact it will have on the eReader market. It's like reading a book on your computer - not a lot of people like that and backlit LCD panels will cause eye fatigue faster. Obviously die hard Apple fans will love it, but as an eReader I don't think it will fly. In the PC/tablet world maybe,

Barnes & Noble, which has been marketing the nook e-reader had no comment regarding the iPad.


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