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Husband Of Ex-JVC Exec Needs Liver Transplant

Millington, N.J. – David Bird, 46, husband of former JVC public relations executive Nancy Bird, needs a liver donor for a transplant.

Bird, father of two young children, has been suffering from a severe form of hepatitis of unknown origin since July. Doctors believe it was most likely picked up during a June business trip to Beirut.

Doctors at New York University Hospitals Center, where Bird is being treated, say a liver transplant is needed to save his life.

In a family statement, it explained that are two types of transplants, either from a living donor or from a deceased donor. A living donor transplant is preferable in that it can be done quicker, instead of waiting an unknown period for a suitable liver from a deceased donor. It is against the law to compensate a living donor for an organ.

A living donor, after meeting medical guidelines, would provide half of his/her liver for transplant. Because of the amazing regenerative capacity of the liver, the half-size liver in both the recipient and the donor would grow back to normal size. Full recovery rates are extremely high.

For Bird, a suitable living donor would meet these criteria: a donor must be under 55 years of age; type O blood; gender or ethnic origin is irrelevant; good health; and smokers may qualify.

More information about the NYU Transplant Center can be found at And if someone thinks they can help, contact the family at [email protected].