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HP Leading PC Shipper: iSuppli

El Segundo, Calif. — Hewlett-Packard’s PC sales grew substantially in the fourth quarter of 2007, giving the company 19.1 percent share of the market, according to iSuppli.

Overall, iSuppli had the PC industry shipping 76.1 million units during the fourth quarter worldwide, up 14.2 percent from the same period the prior year. For the year, 268.4 million shipped, for a 12.4 percent increase over the year before.

HP shipped 14.7 million computers worldwide during the fourth quarter, a 25 percent increase year-over-year, iSuppli reported. For the year, HP pushed out 49.5 million units, a 29.7 percent increase, giving it 18.5 percent of the market.

Dell remained in second place, posting a healthy fourth-quarter shipment of 11.3 million units, 17.4 percent higher than the previous fourth quarter. This gave the company 14.9 percent of the market. However, the fourth-quarter numbers were unable to offset a generally flat year that saw Dell grow its unit shipments only 1.7 percent to 39.7 million worldwide for 14.8 percent of the market.

For the year and fourth quarter, iSuppli had Acer, Lenovo and Toshiba filling out the remainder of its top five shippers list.

While Apple was not one of the top five, iSuppli reported it did very well during the fourth quarter. It shipped 2.9 million units, up 39 percent, for 2.9 percent of the market.