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Games Involving WTC Are Delayed

Several video game and PC software suppliers are changing current and planned releases that either feature the World Trade Center or terrorism as part of the games.

Microsoft is planning an online “patch” for current versions of its Flight Simulator game that will allow users to block out images of the Manhattan skyline, according to the Wall Street Journal. Activision is postponing the September release of Spider-Man 2 Enter: Electro for the Playstation game console. The title, set in New York City, involves a skyscraper that “loosely resembles” the World Trade Center, the company said. A new release date for the game has not been scheduled.

JoWooD Productions has postponed World War III Black Gold until further notice. The real-time strategy PC game was to pit players in the United States, Russia and Iraq in a battle over the world’s oil supplies that would eventually trigger a world war.

Ubi Soft Entertainment will delay the release of Tom Clancy’s Rogue Spear: Black Thorn, which features a realistic portrayal of fighting against terrorism.

And Digital Leisure has canceled the release of Crime Patrol, where in different levels police stop criminals from committing crimes. The criminals start as drug dealers, move to bank robbers and car thieves, and on the final level, terrorists.