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Fujifilm Expands Ad Campaign

Valhalla, N.Y. –

North America

unveiled Friday an extension to its national, multi-pronged
digital camera advertising campaign, targeting the critical holiday selling

The effort, which was described as an expansion in the reach and
scope of Fujifilm’s branding, started this summer.

“Fujifilm’s digital camera business has grown significantly from
last year, and with this new, ongoing campaign, we’re aiming even higher,”
stated Ron Gazzola, Fujifilm North America electronic imaging division
marketing and operations VP.

The next leg is highlighted by a

commercial showcasing
Fujifilm’s line of long-zoom digital cameras

, “Zoom Your World,” which was shot
by director Francoise Vogel and Paranoid U.S. production company. 

It will run on national network and cable television, from Nov.
14 through Dec. 22, and will feature the FinePix HS10 and S-series digital

The commercial will air against such popular primetime TV shows
as  “Glee,” “Survivor,” “CSI Miami,”
“House,” “Dancing with the stars,” “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” “Desperate

The Amazing Race,” “Hawaii Five-O”  and
“The Mentalist.”

The spot will also be seen on key NFL games, FOX and CBS NFL Today
and early morning news on ABC and FOX affiliated stations.

“Our goal in creating this campaign was to raise Fujifilm brand
awareness to drive sales and service to our retail partners in a
consumer-friendly way, as well as support the trade to enhance sell through,”
said Gazzola.

Campaign components also include:

  • National and regional FSI placement (featuring
    complete digicam lineup);

  • trade and custom regional print ads  (featuring HS10, F300EXR, Real 3D W3);

  • Times Square digital billboards, including The
    Geoffrey Tron digital billboard (located on the Toys “R” Us building in Times
    Square) and CBS digital billboard located on 42nd Street between Seventh and
    Eighth Avenues; and

  • a new Hispanic ad (featuring the Z70).

Another element will feature

cinema advertising

first time. Fujifilm will have place a commercial for its FinePix REAL 3D W3
digital camera in both 3D and 2D in movie theaters throughout the U.S. from
Nov. 19 through Dec. 30. The spot will run against movies, including “Tangled,”
“Yogi Bear,” “Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader,” “Megamind” and

The 3D spots for “Tangled” and “Narnia” will be viewed on all 3D
screens during that time period. The 2D spot for “Harry Potter” will be viewed
on all screens for the first two prime weeks of release.  For all showings, the commercial will be
placed immediately before the feature presentation to maximize exposure. 

“The reason we decided to include cinema advertising in the campaign
is because the FinePix Real 3D W3 digital camera is a unique, high-end product,
and we wanted to be in the best place where we could introduce this product to
the family audience,” said Gazzola.  “We
know there will be packed houses during the holidays.  We’ve never had that kind of concentrated exposure
in a great venue, with a captive audience — and the spot is fun to watch.”