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Escort Debuts Mini Radar Detector At CES


Escort (booth 1509 in the North Hall)
is coming to International CES with a micro-sized radar
detector and its first mobile fleet office solution.

Billed as a complete, “supercharged” radar detector,
the SmartRadar features built-in Bluetooth so it can
connect to smartphones and other Bluetooth-capable
devices, and so it can be used with the company’s Escort
Live app.

The Escort Live app, announced in late 2011, enables
drivers to notify each other about impending
alerts while driving. Notifications are sent into the
Cloud, and drivers can receive color-coded alerts that
indicate when an alert was first signaled.

The SmartRadar is said to be a micro-sized radar detector,
designed to fit behind the driver’s rearview mirror.
It provides protection for full X, K and SuperWide Ka radar capability and wide-angle laser reception.

Other features include digital signal processing,
mute and automute, a miniature display controller, alphanumeric
display, an AutoSensitivity filter that filters
out false alarms, and an ExpertMeter feature that tracks
and displays up to eight radar signals simultaneously.

The SpecDisplay feature provides threat numeric
frequency, while the detector’s proprietary threatsignal
ranking software intelligently sorts, ranks and
rejects traffic-flow monitoring false alarms automatically,
Escort said. Drivers can select and set up to six
customized features.

Escort is also launching its first mobile fleet office
solution during International CES, as well as a connected
Mobile Digital TV receiver.

The SmartOffice mobile PC features Spring 3G,
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. It currently has a
Windows 7 platform but will have an Android platform
in the second quarter, the company said.

Features include integrated navigation, point-of-sale
credit card processing, fleet vehicle management, remote
inventory and CRM management, barcode and
RFID reader, reverse camera inputs to PC, transportation
and logistics, and complete PC functionality.

The MobileTV receiver, meanwhile, is engineered to
let users receive digital TV on a Wi-Fi-enabled device
while in a moving vehicle.

Pricing and shipping dates for all products will be
available at the show.