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Epoq Expands Cellular Watch List

Boca Raton, Fla.— Titan Global Commerce, the marketer of Epoq-branded TVs and portable media players (PMPs), has expanded its selection of cellular watch phones with two quad-band unlocked-GSM models suitable for any current U.S. GSM network.

Both feature touchscreen dialing keypad, stereo Bluetooth, embedded microphone and speaker, MP3 and MPEG-4 playback, and digital image storage. They operate in the U.S. 850/1900MHz bands and foreign 900/1800MHz bands.

Three current watch phones are triband models that operate in only one U.S. band: 1900MHz. They also feature touchscreen dialing keypads and Bluetooth, and one adds voice dialing via Bluetooth and embedded microphone.

One of the two new watch phones, the $599 EGP-WP88, features stainless-steel band and an OLED display that switches among displays of an analog clock, MP3/MPEG-4 player, alarm, and cellphone. It is 2×1.6×0.5 inches in size and features a more watch-like appearance than the other models. It will be available late February at and The company is also seeking additional distribution.

The WP88 comes with Bluetooth headset, stereo Bluetooth, and built-in kinetic recharging systems to recharge two lithium-ion batteries that deliver 120-150 minutes of talk time or 70-100 hours of standby time. It also features a speakerphone, a voice recorder, GSM/GPRS data, handwriting input, and a Web browser.

The other new phone, the $449 EGP-WP-54-S, features a 1.5-inch rectangular touchscreen in a slightly larger 2.4×1.6×0.63-inch chassis. It packs many of the same features as the WP88 but includes smart stylus and lacks kinetic recharging. Talk time is quoted as 100-180 minutes, with standby time of 80-100 hours. It’s available with leather strap or stainless-steel band.