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eClaim Debuts Green Revenue-Sharing Plan

Kennesaw, Ga. — eClaim Recovery Specialists is looking to work with businesses located throughout North America that generate large volumes of e-waste, electronics, computers and networking equipment, to offer a new revenue-sharing program that will allow customers to recycle and see revenue from whole products, as well as parts and materials.

The new revenue-sharing program was created to allow the businesses that currently recycle or sell their large volume of obsolete, unwanted, scrap stocks for pennies on the dollar to maximize their returns by receiving a percentage of the revenue generated after the products are dismantled and processed, eClaim said.

Customers are not just getting paid for the whole unit; they are receiving a share in the return from the plastic, metal, gold, copper and other materials found inside, the company said.

eClaim offers a variety of free electronics recycling services throughout the U.S., including for computers, mobile phones, batteries and more.

The company said it has a zero landfill tolerance and enhances its customers’ sustainability and green initiatives with “100 percent green-compliant, closed-loop e-cycling, asset recovery and de-manufacturing services.”

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