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Directed Re-Evaluates Viper Internet Sales

Vista, Calif. — Directed Electronics, which caused a stir among retailers with a new Internet sales test for Viper security products, said it is now surveying retailers to determine if it will continue the program.

In late October, Directed launched a Website selling Viper security products direct to consumers at a fixed price, including installation.

Under the plan, Viper retailers would install the products, with some profit shared with them but at an installation fee determined by Directed. This caused a stir among retailers, who say the price of a professional installation can vary markedly by the car and other factors. It resulted in a petition signed by more than 50 specialists, according to Mitch Schaffer, president of Mobile Edge, Lehighon Penn. who initiated the petition.

The Viper news also resulted in an 18 page thread on with many complaints from retailers.

Directed told TWICE, that the company is not changing its policy of “installed sales of Viper only by authorized dealers” and claimed the program was a test aimed at delivering more store traffic to retailers who would be compensated. President of Directed Electronics, Mike Simmons said, “We concluded our first phase of testing, and are currently surveying our dealers to see if they want us to continue this model or test different alternatives moving forward.”