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Dell Expands Content Offerings

Round Rock, Texas — Dell is expanding its preloaded content offerings for direct-buy customers.

The company first launched a preloaded movie service last month which allows factory-direct consumers to customize select desktops and laptops with exclusive pre-installed movie bundles.

Dell kicked the program off by offering a special digital edition of Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment’s Iron Man with a bonus featurette preloaded on select models for a few of $20.

Dell is now expanding the program through a new partnership with CinemaNow, which allows it to offer movie bundles starting at $25. Certain movies protected with Windows Media DRM will be allowed to be played on other Windows Media devices as well.

Simultaneously, a new partnership with Universal Music Group is providing consumers with a similar preloading option for music. Users can now also purchase bundles of 50 and 100 songs starting at $25.