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D-Link Launches Ethernet-To-Coax Bridge

Fountain Valley, Calif. — D-Link shipped a network bridge that turns a coaxial-cable outlet in a home into an Ethernet port without interfering with normal cable-TV service.

The $239-suggested HD MediaBridge Starter Kit (DXN-221), available through retailers and, is positioned as a way to connect Ethernet-equipped devices, such as DVRs and the Slingbox, to the Internet in homes that lack wired-Ethernet outlets but are equipped with cable-TV outlets. The kit can also be used to connect the Xbox 360, PlayStation3 or Nintendo Wii to the Internet, the company said. The technology supports high-bandwidth applications such as HD video streaming and online multi-player gaming, the company added.

Included are two adapters, each with a wired Ethernet port and a coaxial F-type connector. Users connect one adapter between an existing network router and a coaxial outlet. The second adapter connects between another coaxial outlet and the Ethernet port of a home-A/V device.

Because D-Link’s technology is point-to-multipoint, additional adapters can be placed throughout the home to connect additional home-A/V products to the Internet. The kit can also be used in rooms with multiple CE devices by connecting a switch to the adapter to connect additional devices.

The adapters are certified by the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) to ensure that it delivers HDTV and DVD-quality digital entertainment and high-speed data without interference or latency, D-Link said. The devices operate in the 800MHz to 1500MHz range to ensure compatibility with cable-TV and Internet services.