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Cygnett To Use CES To Officially Launch Brand Into U.S. Market


(More) Cygnett is coming
soon to a store near you.

A CE accessory company that outfits Apple
devices, laptops and BlackBerrys, Cygnett is already
extremely popular in its home country of
Australia and plans to use
the 2012 International CES
in January as its launching

The manufacturer boasts
more than 250 products
— which it claimed to have
developed and manufactured
over the last seven
months — including cases,
bags and stands, as well as
earphones, FM transmitters,
chargers and Bluetooth keyboards.

Although a selection of Cygnett products can
currently be found in the U.S., the company said
CES will be “the ideal industry springboard from
which to leverage our U.S. presence.”

Sophie Swann, Cygnett’s marketing director,
told TWICE, “We plan to make Cygnett’s CES
debut exhibition a very special event. We’ve
booked an extra-large stand, and we will be displaying
a huge range of Cygnett products at our
booth (5611) located in the North Hall iLounge
Pavilion. We will also be unveiling amazing new
products at CES.”

Swann said the company felt its relatively
young brand would be suitable for the expanding
U.S. marketplace. “Cygnett has a stable network
of retail partners built upon established professional
relationships that have been in place for
years,” she added. “These, coupled with the
company’s unrelenting enthusiasm, are the secret
to our success in the U.S. so far.”

Cygnett was founded by Swann and her siblings,
Tim and Amie Swann, in 2003. Its head
office in Richmond VIC, Australia, has about 40
employees, with staff also in the United Kingdom,
Hong Kong and Santa Fe, Calif.

When asked how the company will differentiate
itself in the crowded CE accessory market,
Swann cited, among other things, its strong relationship
with Apple, its fast-to-market strategy
and its high-quality materials.

In conjunction with its U.S. launch, Cygnett will
also undergo a corporate re-branding with an updated
logo, a modernized corporate identity and
a website redesign later this year.

“Cygnett’s website will undergo a radical
transformation to be faster, slicker and more
user-friendly, providing enhanced cross-sell and
up-sell functionality,” Swann said. “The website
will incorporate e-commerce, creating an improved
platform for international brand and product