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Comcast Proclaims HD Leadership

Philadelphia — Multisystem cable operator Comcast claimed today it is now offering “more than 500 high-definition choices at any given time” and is significantly increasing HD video-on-demand (VOD) movie and television series programming from Showtime, Encore, MoviePlex and Starz.

The cable operator said its selection of HD content (primarily video-on-demand and pay-per-view offerings) now “strengthens its leadership position in offering more HD movies and programming than anyone else.”

Comcast also vowed to continue delivering “exponentially more choice on TV, including more HD, movies, sports, kids’ programs and network TV, first announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show as Project Infinity.”

“This month, we’re adding the most HD content ever,” stated Derek Harrar, Comcast video services senior VP and GM. “We’re working with top premium channels like Showtime and Starz to add hundreds of entertainment options in the categories consumers say they want the most — HD movies and television shows.”

The country’s largest cable MSO said that it has added “more than 150 hours of premium-channel HD programming to its current lineup, including: four times more Showtime and Starz HD movie and television series hours, three times more MoviePlex HD movie hours and two times more Encore HD movie hours.

Much of Comcast’s HD programming hours are video-on-demand and pay-per-view content. The company cited surveys showing it viewers preferred to watch HD movies and television shows “on their own schedule.”

Comcast On Demand offers more than 10,000 selections each month, with Comcast customers selecting On Demand more than 100 times per second with more than 300 million views per month, the company said.