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Cobra Expands Dash Cam Lineup

Chicago — Cobra will expand its selection of dash cams in May with the shipment of a trio of models priced from a suggested $119 to $249.

The company launched its first two models last year at a suggested $99 and $149.

The new models record in 1080p and feature G-Sensor to automatically save a video when an impact has been detected. A motion sensor triggers video recording when motion is detected.

The mid model adds GPS to embed location and time data in recordings, and the top model adds Wi-Fi to communicate with an iOS or Android app running on a mobile device.

The new selection starts with the $119 CDR-820 with 1.5-inch LCD screen, ability to play back video on a TV, 118-degree viewing angle and an 8GB MicroSD card.

The $169 CDR840, also with a 1.5-inch screen, adds internal GPS to embed location and time information in videos, and free PC software, which lets users view video along with location and G-Sensor information on a PC. It also adds a MiniHDMI output to send video to a TV or PC. Other features include 118-degree viewing angle and 8GB MicroSD card.

At $249, the CDR900 steps up the screen size to 2 inches; widens the viewing angle to 160 degrees; and adds an Ambarella A7LA chipset for improved image quality, night-time image capture and better dynamic range. It also adds Wi-Fi to communicate with iOS and Android devices for viewing and sharing videos. Other features include MicroHDMI output and an 8GB MicroSD card. It lacks GPS and PC software, a spokesperson said.