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Clough Named Casio President, Succeeds Retiring Gary Rado

DOVER, N.J. – John B. Clough has been elected president of Casio, succeeding Gary Rado who held the position for the past three years and retired at the end of March.

Clough joined Casio in 1997 as VP of the Handheld Personal Computer Division. For the past five years he has held various executive positions within Casio in the Handheld PC, Digital Imaging, Calculator and Timepiece Divisions. Prior to being elected president he was executive VP of marketing for Casio since November 2001.

Prior to joining Casio, Clough was a long-time Texas Instrument executive. In 1996 he was elected director, Worldwide Product Marketing, for the Notebook Computer and Laser Printer Division of Texas Instruments in Dallas.

Clough, and his wife Jan, have two sons, Charley and Jack, and reside in New Jersey.

During his tenure as president, Rado was instrumental in the redirection of Casio’s corporate marketing plans, the company said. He developed a Strategic Planning Team, whose sole responsibility was to develop new ideas and programs that enabled Casio to remain a leader in the consumer electronics industry, the firm noted.