Clarion Gets Social With Promo Campaign


Cypress, Calif. - Clarion is stepping up its social-media profile with the recent launch of an official Facebook page and Twitter account.

Consumers who follow

Clarion's Twitter account

and "like"

Clarion's Facebook page

will get sneak peeks of new products, learn about the company's Clarion's participation in consumer and industry events, and learn about Clarion's sponsorship activities. Consumers will also be able to participate in contests for Clarion products and participate in on industry surveys.

The social-media campaign, said marketing VP Adam Thomas, "will enable us to reach a wide range of consumers, including enthusiasts, industry affiliates, partners, dealers and installers."

Having launched multiple products at CES, he said, the campaign "will allow us to get information out to consumers quickly."

Clarion Corp. of America is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Clarion Co., which has been a consolidated subsidiary of the Hitachi Group since 2007 and has been in car audio and electronics since 1940.


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