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Celerity Launches Fiber-Optic Cable For HDMI

Irvine, Calif. – Celerity Technologies, a startup company, is launching its first product, a detachable fiber-optic cable with audio return channel and a two-step install process for electronics systems contractors.

The cable, which will be shown at the CEDIA Expo, sends uncompressed HDMI signals over long distance while fully supporting HDMI specs for video, audio and data, the company said. The cable is also the first fiber-optic cable to support HDMI’s audio return channel, the company added.

At each end, the fiber-optic cable plug measures only 0.27 inches by 1 inch, so installers can easily pull the fiber-optic cable in pre-wiring a home, Celerity said. Installers then affix a detachable HDMI connector to the cable plugs in a two-step process to save time, and they require no time-consuming fiber terminations, the company said.

The solution is promoted as a better way to make a long-distance, fiber-optic HDMI solution compared to copper cable, which limits distance and picture quality, as do sender and receiver “baluns,” which also require external power supplies and additional cables, the company said.

 “Celerity’s detachable fiber-optic HDMI makes it possible in just two steps for installers to pre-wire the fiber-optic cable and attach it to the HDMI component,” said Buzz Delano, business development director. “There’s no need for any type of fiber-optic terminations that even on a good day are a tedious procedure, and there are no extra devices needed.”

Celerity meets HDMI High Speed certification with full support for 1080p, 3D, 4K and 36-bit Deep Color, so the full picture quality, detail and color characteristics are visible. The cable also supports HDMI data for HDCP, EDID and CEC functionality.