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CEA Adjusts Video Sales Numbers

Regular followers of TWICE’s video sales scorecard will notice that year-to-date factory sales totals do not match totals from week-to-week sales reported over the course of the year.

The Consumer Electronics Association, which gathers and reports the weekly numbers, said it had adjusted its database, sales trends and sales projections following the recent addition of a new reporting member company. The name of the company was not disclosed due to confidentiality agreements.

After adding the new numbers, CEA conducted an investigation into sales of component parts compared with numbers of finished goods sales to dealers and made significant adjustments, CEA said. The following categories were affected: analog direct view color television (added 3,073,213 units), TV/VCR combo (added 1,482,781 units), VCR (added 2,408,124 units) and DVD categories (added 549,952 units). Additionally, the association added a new category — TV/DVD combo products — which is reflected in the chart.

Factory and distributor sales to dealers, as reported by the Consumer Electronics Association: