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Arlington, Va. - The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) today announced 11 new inductees to the CE Hall of Fame.

The members of the 2011 class include SanDisk co-founder Dr. Eli Harari, Runco founder Sam Runco, Tweeter founder Sandy Bloomberg, as well as the inventors of flash memory, the Ethernet and consumer satellite television.

The 11 new honorees will be inducted into the CE Hall of Fame at an awards dinner during CEA's Industry Forum to be held in San Diego on Oct. 23-28.

The inductees are listed below.


Ralph Baer

, who developed the Brown Box and the Magnavox Odyssey interactive TV/video gaming systems;

Dr. Fujio Masuoka,

who invented flash memory while at Toshiba and also developed SAMOS memory;

Dr. Robert Metcalf,

who was working at Xerox PARC in 1973 when he co-invented the Ethernet - a standard for connecting computers over short distances;

Claude Elwood Shannon

, credited with founding both digital computer and digital circuit design theory in 1937; and

Dr. Andrew Viterbi

, inventor of the Viterbi algorithm used for decoding convolutionally encoded data that is used in cellphones for error correcting codes, as well as for speech recognition, DNA analysis and other applications.

Founders/Corporate Executives:

Eli Harari

, co-founder and former CEO of SanDisk, which invented or co-developed many of the standard memory card formats used in CE products ranging from digital cameras to smartphones;

Stanley S. Hubbard,

whose company, Hubbard Broadcasting, started U.S. Satellite Broadcasting (USSB) in 1981, and was instrumental in the development and launching of the first digital satellite system for television in 1994; and

Sam Runco

, founder and CEO of Runco International, the first company to introduce a line doubler with a multi-frequency projector in 1990 as well as the first multiple-aspect-ratio controller, the ARC-IV, to the high-end home theater market.

Retailers/Buying Groups/Distributors:

Sandy Bloomberg

, founder of Tweeter, the specialty consumer electronics retail chain that marketed high-end electronics products.



The team of

Ivan Berger


Lance Braithwaite

, who worked together at Berger Braithwaite Labs/Video Magazine (Sound & Video Magazine) and wrote extensive product reviews.

The CE Hall of Fame, created in 2000, honors the consumer electronics industry leaders who have shaped the advancement of innovation. The inductees this year include company founders and inventors, those who passionately move technology forward, marketing geniuses, retailers that bring products to consumers and journalists who write about the industry.

"The consumer electronics industry creates innovative products that make our lives better," said CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro. "Innovative products come from innovative people, and the success of our industry is built upon technologies and products created by the leaders we honor in the CE Hall of Fame."

The CE Hall of Fame includes inventors, executives, engineers, retailers and journalists who are selected by an independent panel of industry judges. The judging for the 2011 inductees took place in New York City on February 23. Nominations were submitted by industry professionals and media through online submissions.

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