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Tom DeVesto Goes For A Triple Play

Audio-industry veteran Tom DeVesto, who launched Cambridge Sound Works and Tivoli Audio, is making it three with the launch of Boston-based Como Audio.

DeVesto, a 40-year CE industry veteran and Hall of Fame member, left Tivoli last year. Tivoli was subsequently purchased by Serruya Private Equity (SPE), a

family-managed venture group.

The Como Audio CEO told TWICE that the products would be “music systems that will be different from the systems that I made at Tivoli.”  Como will nonetheless carry over such themes as “being small and designed in such a way that that you want to keep it in your home for years, and it will be simple to use,” he continued.

He added, “I see a tremendous amount of confusion about all the different ways that content can be listened to. I think I can bring a lot of simplicity to that.”

DeVesto also promised “audio products considered to be best in their class and of the highest performance.”

Details will be announced in June, and products will be delivered in the fall.

DeVesto noted that he has hired some former Tivoli team members who were recently let go by Tivoli. They include Tivoli senior product manager Peter Skiera, Tivoli’s Italian design team, and public relations company Cathy Callegari PR.

At Tivoli Audio, founded in 2000, DeVesto developed and sold design-oriented high-performance tabletop radios and tabletop hi-fi systems. Cambridge Sound Works, co-founded in 1988 with the late CE-industry pioneer Henry Kloss, designed component-audio speakers that were sold, along with other-brand audio equipment, through the web. The company later became a subsidiary of Creative Technology.

DeVesto’s accomplishments include the introduction of big-screen projection television to the mass market while at Henry Kloss’s Kloss Video Corp. He also held various management positions at Advent. Before that, he started and ran several audio-retail operations.

The new company is located at Marina Park Drive, Suite 315, Boston, Mass. 02210. The company can be reached at  [email protected].