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Best Buy Besting Walmart, Target At Showrooming

MINNEAPOLIS — Best Buy is doing a better job of thwarting showrooming than Walmart or Target, a study suggests.

According to a report by market research firm Prosper Insights & Analytics, fewer in-store mobile customers defect to while shopping at Best Buy than they do while visiting Target or Walmart stores.

Prosper’s May survey of 330 smart-phone and tablet users showed that while shopping a Best Buy store, roughly 11 percent were more likely to make a CE purchase from Amazon than a Best Buy digital channel, compared with about 13 percent for Target and 14 percent for Walmart.

Males 18 and older appear to be more loyal to Best Buy, while females 18 and older tend to favor Target. Male mobile users only showed an 11 percent propensity to buy from Amazon while shopping Best Buy, compared with 15 percent for Target and Walmart. Only 11 percent of female mobile users would defect from Target, compared with 12 percent who would showroom Best Buy or Walmart.