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Azione Adds Thorens

Chester Springs, Pa. – Thorens Turntables and Accessories has joined Azione Unlimited (AU) as a vendor member.

Richard Glikes, founder, president, and chief creative officer of the buying and educational group for integrators and custom retailers, described Thorens’ addition as serendipitous. AU was looking for a high-quality turntable supplier, and Glikes – a former Thorens owner and fan – was coincidentally introduced by a mutual friend to Norm Steinke, sales director for Thorens’ North American distributor Rutherford Audio.

“So here come two friends, a great brand, and a hole in our product mix all coming together at the same time. We are thrilled,” Glikes said.

Added Rutherford president/CEO Robb Niemann, “Thorens is growing exponentially in North America and we are proud to be part of bringing it back to its former glory … we welcome the professionals and market leaders in the Azione buying group.”