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Audiovox Enhances 12-Volt Indy Support

Hauppauge, N.Y. — Audiovox Electronics has expanded its sales department to further support independent 12-volt retailers.

A new sales team has been added to the New York headquarters for this initiative, and the Detroit and Cincinnati offices have elevated existing managers to increase focus on one-to-one customer support, it said.

The New York team is headed by Roy Graca and Larry Nicastro, who both began their careers in 12-volt independents, according to Audiovox. Their primary focus has been on product, installation and tech support.

In Detroit and Cincinnati, regional sales managers Kathy Anderson and Maureen Cropper’s responsibilities have been expanded to include a greater one-to-one role with customers.

In a statement, Audiovox Electronics president Tom Malone said: “The 12-volt independent has always been a significant part of our distribution network. And they require more than just good customer service to be successful. The complexity of today’s 12-volt products demands strong product knowledge and an understanding of technical and installation issues. Helping our dealer partners manage these elements is key to strengthening those partnerships and growing both their and our business.”

Audiovox is a wholly owned subsidiary of Voxx International.