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AudioControl Takes Epicenter Into The Dash

Seattle – AudioControl has begun
shipping an in-dash version of its Epicenter bass-restoration processor, which
at a suggested $249 adds multiple features over an existing model that mounts
under the seat or in the trunk.

Like the previous Epicenter, the half-DIN
in-dash model looks for the harmonics of low-bass frequencies, then restores
the fundamental bass frequencies lost because of digital compression or poor
recording methods, said CEO Alex Camara, who joined the company in January.

The in-dash model adds parametric
EQ controls to fine-tune bass response and let users choose the center
frequency for maximizing bass output, he said. The component also adds an SPL
meter and microphone to measure bass output.

 Like the previous model, the Epicenter In-Dash
has speaker-level inputs for interfacing with factory radios.

The original
Epicenter, though designed for under-seat or trunk mounting, features a remote
bass-restoration knob that can be installed in the dash to control the level of
bass restoration. The in-dash version can be mounted in a glovebox as well as
in the dash.

Camara was
previously president of NCR Entertainment.