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AmTrust Financial Names New Warrantech Management Team


AmTrust Financial
Services has put a new management
team in place at its Warrantech subsidiary,
effective at the end of January.

The executive team is led by former Warrantech CEO Stuart Hollander, a senior VP of AmTrust North America, who has been promoted to chairman of Warrantech. Joel San Antonio will remain the chairman of Warrantech’s holding company, AMT Warranty Corp.

Succeeding Hollander as CEO is
Sean Stapleton, who also serves as
VP and deputy general counsel for Am-
Trust North America, with oversight of
legal matters associated with the organization’s
warranty and specialty risk

In addition, AmTrust North America
VP Bruce Saulnier has been named
president of Warrantech sales; former
chief operating officer Aleem Lakhani
was named chief innovation and development
and AmTrust
finance VP Steven
Knapp was
tapped as Warrantech’s
chief financial

AmTrust Financial
Services acquired
through its former
AMT Warranty
subsidiary in 2010, and quickly consolidated
the two third-party administrators
under the Warrantech brand name, facility
and management team. Since then,
all new marketing activities have been
conducted under the Warrantech brand
for third-party administration services of
extended warranties, although the AMT
Warranty name continues as a legacy
brand, a company spokesman said.

Warrantech recently implemented
major enhancements to its core programs
and service platform to better
partner with retailers and distributors
offering extended-service plans (ESPs).
The changes, which include IT and infrastructure
upgrades as well as step
ups in its accounting and legal departments,
were designed “to deliver an
increased level of service, streamline
processes and create opportunities for
new product offerings and upgrades,”
the company said.

One example of a recent investment
in technology that has raised service
levels is WCPSOnline. Warrantech said
the online portal has significantly reduced
administration costs, minimized
administration errors and improved processing
speed for retailers and distributors
by offering service contract registration,
terms and conditions retrieval,
self-servicing repair order generation,
real-time sales analysis and payment
analysis, claim submission and express

The company also continues to offer
its easy-to-implement RepairMaster
ESP program, which can be presented
to consumers as a pocket-sized card
covering a range of categories and
price options. The retailer or distributor
partner simply purchases the card from
Warrantech and sells it to their customers.
The program can generate growth
in their ESP businesses and help them
realize stronger program growth than
retailers who administer their own
plans, Warrantech said, while building
customer loyalty by providing reliable,
convenient ESPs.