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Aamp Buys Phoenix Gold Car Audio Div.

Clearwater, Fla. –
Aamp of America purchased the car audio division of Phoenix Gold on Sept. 1
from Portland-based Rodin,
making Phoenix Gold a new brand under the Aamp of America umbrella, alongside
other brands including Stinger and iSimple.

Phoenix Gold home
audio assets remain part of Rodin, affirmed Aamp of America.

Aamp has already
assumed responsibility for the sales and marketing of Phoenix Gold car products
while Rodin continues to handle technical service, repairs and returns.  The full transition over to Aamp of America
will be completed in January 2010.

In addition, Aamp
of America said it will introduce new Phoenix Gold car amplifiers speakers at
International CES for shipping by the spring of 2010.

Aamp of America
said it has collaborated with Phoenix Gold in creating demo cars and has a
history of collaborating with the company.

Phoenix Gold was
founded in 1988 as a maker of audio cables and accessories for home and car
audio and then it expanded in 1990 to amplifiers and speakers, said Aamp of

Ron Freeman, CEO
of Aamp of America, said the combination of Phoenix Gold product quality and
engineering and Aamp of America marketing and distribution expertise will
further the brand.

Aamp of America
also recently acquired Select Distributors (known as Select Products), and
Aamp’s parent company Audax recently merged
Aamp’s Peripheral Electronics
with the Pacific Accessory Corporation.