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808, AR, Champ Add Audio

LAS VEGAS — Voxx Accessories is launching multiple audio products under the 808, Acoustic Research, Champ E-Prep Gear and RCA brands.

Almost all are portable Bluetooth speakers.

808: Under the 808 brand, the company is expanding its Bluetooth speaker selection, joining 808 headphones. The first Bluetooth speaker appeared last year. The new speakers are the $69-suggested Hex SL, $79 Hex TL and $129 Hex XL, each with hexagon-pattern grilles and each available in black, white or red. The SL is also available in blue.

The mono SL speaker takes the shape of a verticalstanding cylinder that disperses audio in a 360-degree pattern. Its integrated, rechargeable battery allows for up to eight hours of Bluetooth playback time. The TL is also a vertical-standing mono speaker but not cylindrical. It features tweeter, full-range driver and passive rear bass radiator. It comes with included AC adapter, and it can be powered by eight AA alkaline batteries for up to hours of Bluetooth playback.

The 808 Hex XL speaker is a 2.1 model with left and right full-range drivers and down-firing woofer. It comes with detachable strap, included AC adapter and built-in rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours of wireless playback.

Acoustic Research: Six Bluetooth speakers and a 900MHz wireless speaker are in store.

The $99-suggested Berkeley Wireless indoor/outdoor speaker is available in a Bluetooth version (AWSBT4) and a 900MHz version (AWS43), the latter with 900MHz transmitter that features three selectable frequencies and transmits up to 10 speakers at a time. Both also feature aux in. They will be available at retail in March.

The Lighthouse Bluetooth speaker is shaped like a lighthouse and comes with rubberized white finish, battery and AC power, and a carry handle at a suggested $99.

The $89 ARS140 Mini Bluetooth speaker is shaped like a purse and is available in with four speaker-grille designs, including two quilted designs, one pink polka-dot design, and one blue grille. It comes with removable hand strap and hands-free speakerphone functionality.

The $39 Mini ARS120, available in March, is a compact Bluetooth speaker available in three colors plus a pink polka-dot design.

The $69 Bluetooth Outlet Speaker (ARSWP1) plugs directly into a wall outlet like a wall wart. It’s designed for use in places that don’t have room for a tabletop speaker, including kitchen counters. It comes with USB charging port and AC power passthrough.

The $99 Active Lifestyle Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (AS3BK) is a compact ruggedized Bluetooth speaker with three-way drivers, UV- and water-resistant exterior, and built-in 3.5mm cable.

Champ E-Prep Gear: Two AM/FM weather radios include with Bluetooth. That model is the $99 Survival Skybox RCEP600WR with stereo speakers, emergency- alert capability, mobile-device charging, built-in flashlight with emergency beacon, time/date and temperature on the digital display, rechargeable battery, built-in solar panel and crank-powered dynamo.

The $49 Survival Sidekick with AM/ FM/weather radio (RCEP200FLR) features a flashlight-like form factor, lacks Bluetooth but features 10-in-1 multi-tool. The multitool includes a distress light with magnetic base to serve as a beacon on the roadside, a seatbelt cutter, a glass breaker, mobile-device charging outlet and hand-crank dynamo.

RCA: The Bluetooth Outlet Speaker (WPBT1), available in May at a suggested $49, is built into a wall wart that plugs directly into a wall outlet. It’s designed for use in areas, such as kitchens, where a tabletop speaker might not fit.

SoundFlow: The $69 Soundboard with Power Bank will be available in April. The portable speaker’s Soundflow technology lets users place a smartphone or MP3 player on a pad on top of the device to amplify the portable device’s sound. The intent is to simplify operation by eliminating the need for Bluetooth pairing. This model adds 5,200 mAh of charging power to charge mobile devices.