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2012 Tablet Sales Set To Soar Worldwide


Tablet sales’ meteoric ascent will
continue, with 126.6 million units expected to ship in
2012, according to IHS.

The IHS iSuppli “Worldwide Tablet Market Tracker”
report states the 126.6 million units shipped
worldwide is an 85 percent increase over the 68.4
million that shipped in 2011. In 2010, 16.4 million
tablets were sold.

Looking ahead, IHS is predicting sales to jump
another 63 percent in 2013, with 360.4 million shipping
by 2016.

Apple can expect its iOS-based products to continue
to dominate during this period. The IHS report
has Apple adding to its already dominating market
share in 2012.

The expectation is for Apple iOS devices, such as
tablets and media players, to own about 61 percent
of the market this year. This is an increase compared
with the last quarter of 2011, when iOS lost some
share due to the influx and hot sales of the Androidbased
Amazon Kindle Fire. At that time, iOS share
fell to a still very strong 55.1 percent.

Android’s share peaked at 41.1 percent at the end
of 2011, but will fall to about 38.4 percent in 2012,
IHS is predicting.

The upcoming release of Microsoft’s Windows
8 operating system will also have an impact on the
tablet market. IHS expects this tablet-friendly OS to
help boost tablet sales next year, bringing in customers
who desire the portability of a tablet tied to
the capabilities of a laptop or desktop computer.