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ZTE Unplugged

The Chinese telecom is essentially dead in the water after the U.S. banned it from buying American components.

A move by the U.S. government to cut ZTE off from American-made mobile phone components and software, including ostensibly Qualcomm processors and Google’s Android OS, has essentially left the Chinese telecom dead in the water. In a statement, ZTE, makers of the well-regarded Axon phone line, said “major operating activities … have ceased” following the imposition of a seven-year sales ban, which was brought in response to suspected violations of trade sanctions against North Korea and Iran. ZTE said it would fight the ban, and China has asked the U.S. to amend its decision. The case is expected to be reviewed by President Trump.

“ZTE announced the “major operating activities of the company have ceased” following a ban imposed by the US government, but added it is still working to find a resolution.”

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