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Jeff Bezos Opens Up About Alexa

In an interview with Billboard that marks his place in the publication’s 2017 Power 100 list, Jeff Bezos examines the history and potential of Alexa and voice control. While noting that the technology will “only going to take you so far on shopping,” the same thing can’t be said for home automation or even car audio.

“Amazon founder Jeff Bezos would make almost any list of the world’s most powerful people. In retail, he’s clearly on top, and in tech, he’s close to it. In book publishing, he would be the undisputed No. 1 for 10 years running. In addition to a $65 billion stake in Amazon, Bezos owns the Blue Origin rocket company, The Washington Post, his own venture capital firm and a founder’s stake in Google. He might be the most powerful businessman alive, and his company is a credible contender to be the stock market’s first trillion-dollar corporation.”

See the full interview on Billboard.