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Want To See Donald Trump Strike Out?

Weary of polls and searching for a new way to judge the presidential nominees? Debateball wants to bring America’s pastime to the current circus.

 The app, available for iOS and Android devices, lets users act as umpires and score candidates based on their responses. A candidate who avoids the question might be scored a foul while one who knows what he or she is talking about can hit a home run.

This is the first app its developer, Donna Lee Schillinger, has created, an idea that took root after the first Republican debate. “That night in bed, trying to fall to sleep, I kept mulling over the debate and couldn’t make sense of it because there were too many candidates, and I couldn’t remember who held what position,” Schillinger told TWICE. “I felt I had wasted two hours of my life because I couldn’t say who I favored afterwards. I literally thought, ‘There ought to be an app for that.’ And my next conscious thought was Debateball. … By morning, I had hashed out about 70 percent of what the app is today.”

Debateball is free, but a $1.99 ad-free version allows users to compare scores with others. Schillinger said she will continue through the entire election season, as well as modify it after the election for use in the education market.

Hat tip: Social Times