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Straight From The Dealer’s Mouth

We asked. You answered.

We’re in the midst of a data revolution, and tech retail isn’t the only industry eager to secure a foothold.

As digital publishing has grown, an infatuation with analytics (some call it an obsession) has followed. Being able to track performance in real time can be downright addicting and, truth be told, yours truly is occasionally among the biggest offenders.

One of my first workday activities each morning — and then again later in the day — is checking our various platforms measuring digital engagement. I truly value the ability to begin the day with a snapshot of which information is reasonating, because I want to know what you care about and what matters most in helping you do your business.

But these figures are, of course, just a glimpse, and the data never supplies a complete picture. We know there are readers who only read our website and not our print edition — and vice versa. There are those who enjoy interacting with us on Twitter and LinkedIn, while others haven’t retweeted in a decade (or ever). One emphatic, inflammatory comment on a website does not a loyal reader make.

As mentioned in recent issues, TWICE distributed a comprehensive audience survey this spring, quizzing on the particulars of what you’re reading and how you’re consuming it. Presented here are highlights of the more interesting findings, not only providing awareness into our brand and how our audience enjoys interacting, but also insight on the consumer tech retail industry. We asked you to share the biggest challenges your businesses are currently facing, and the responses were detailed, varied and extraordinarily informative. 

We asked what you wanted to see more of and your interest in potential new categories, and as this is being written, our team is readying regular short surveys on that want you to weigh in on various CE retail topics and challenges. We plan to share those findings here.

Few brands can be everything to everyone, and TWICE is no exception. We do, however, believe in the importance of diversification, and we aim to provide access to our coverage on as many platforms as you deem valuable. While there are some platforms we prioritize over others, we actively participate on most with the hope of sparking inspiration or a conversation.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to reactivate our participation on Instagram. As we’ve undergone our design evolution, we have more digitally engaging art to share with you, and Instagram is an ideal platform for that. If you’re not already following us, look for us at @twice_magazine.

No amount of data can ever replace the significance of one-on-one interactions, and you’ll continue to find coverage of the industry events, people and news we know matter most. I also encourage all reading this to reach out directly via their preferred method, whether it’s email, social or phone.

Heck, if you want to pen us an old-fashioned letter, we’ll be glad to get that too. (Just take note that we moved offices last week. You can find us at 11 West 42 Street, 15th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10036.)