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Mobile Devices Are Key To In-Store Sales: RetailMeNot

More than half would rather consult a phone than a salesperson

Retailers that dedicate marketing resources to engaging mobile shoppers with both online and offline content will be better poised to meet consumer needs, according to new guidance from RetailMeNot, a marketplace for digital coupons and deals.

“The mobile device is the No. 1 in-store shopping companion, which is a marketing opportunity for retailers to drive in-store footfall, incentivize sales and understand online-to-offline behavior,” said Asaid Marissa Tarleton, CEO, RetailMeNot, in a statement.

According to the group’s “2019 Retail Marketing Playbook,” mobile is the biggest investment priority among retailers who plan to increase marketing investments in 2019, with social media investments following closely behind. Interestingly, RetailMeNot found that only 5 percent of retailers have plans to focus on Gen Z consumers in 2019, with the rest continuing to target millennials.

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According to the report:

  • 85 percent of Americans shop in a physical retail store during a typical week, excluding grocery and convenience stores.
  • 38 percent of shoppers who begin their journey on a smartphone and 43 percent of shoppers who begin their journey on a desktop complete their purchase in a physical store.
  • 66 percent of Gen Z said smartphone-assisted shopping is important when they are shopping in a physical store.
  • 53 percent of shoppers would rather use a mobile device to find deals and offers rather than discussing promotions with an in-store associate.
  • More than half of shoppers who complete their purchases in-store are either millennials or part of Gen Z.

The survey was performed by Kelton Global on behalf of RetailMeNot in October and November 2018. 5,234 interviews were conducted with a nationally representative sample of Americans over the age of 18. View the whole “2019 Retail Marketing Playbook from RetailMeNot here.

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