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Samsung Plays Host At Pyeongchang Olympics

Samsung is putting its stamp on the local Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

Samsung Electronics is putting its stamp on the local Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, hosting interactive experiences for attendees, and encouraging the media, fans and athletes to “Do What You Can’t.”

A total of nine Samsung Olympic Showcases featuring a mix of cultural, technological and immersive fan experiences will be at sites in Pyeongchang and Gangneung, including Olympic Parks and the Olympic Villages, the main Press Center, and four at the Incheon International Airport.

The showcases will cover the Samsung brand history and heritage in engineering and design, and its partnership history with the Olympic Games.

Visitors will experience and engage with Samsung’s products and its mobile Galaxy and Gear brands through a variety of interactive activities including:

  • Unique virtual reality experiences powered by the Galaxy Note8 and Gear VR will allow fans to snowboard, ski and skeleton down a mountain, competing with other fans, as well as escape to space in “Mission to Space VR: A Moon for All Mankind”, debuting at the Games.

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  • Promoting the playful side of technology, a Portrait Pool allows visitors to turn their “selfies” into painted characters for social sharing; the S Pen Gallery lets them create their own portraits with the Galaxy Note8 and the S pen as a paintbrush; and the Infinity Moment creates user-generated content with the Galaxy Note8.
  • A dedicated kids’ lounge is a hands-on zone, where kids can play, learn and explore Samsung products and expand their creativity.
  • A Smart Home IoT showcase features multi-device and futuristic demos powered by mobile technology to help visitors imagine a future lifestyle.
  • “Unbox Samsung” where visitors can experience the Living History of Samsung since 1988 when the first mobile phone was launched.

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Samsung will have customer-service personnel on hand so visitors can purchase mobile products and accessories. Lounges will host various lifestyle programs and provide a café where food and beverages will be available for purchase using “Buddy Points” acquired during the interactive experiences.

Other special events, including athlete visits and holiday celebrations will take place throughout the Games.

Samsung began its Olympic Games involvement as a local sponsor of Olympic Games Seoul 1988.