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Monster CES 2016 Press Conference Light On Celebs, Heavy On Products

In a stark contrast to recent years, Monster’s pre-CES press conference had company founder and head monster Noel Lee taking center stage with almost no star power behind him.

Lee ran, rapid-fire, through a list of new, recent and existing products and corporate partnerships, including new Adidas headphones that will match the company’s sneakers, a massive “boombox” known as the Blaster, and new wireless and on-ear versions of its ClarityHD headphones ($79 and $149, respectively).

Baseball player Shane Victorino did take the stage briefly, as did pro gamer Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel.  

 Other highlights: Headphones with a built-in music player that will sync to the Cloud (the Inspiration Traveler), new USB-C cables, and a line of wireless headphones (Monster Elements) that boast a 24-hour battery life.   

The company will hold its annual awards program and concert on Thursday, in which plenty of star power will be represented.