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GOP Platform Addresses Tech Issues, Now It’s Trump’s Turn, Says CTA

Consumer Technology Association (CTA) president Gary Shapiro issued a statement of support for the technology sector provisions in this year’s Republican Party Platform, but suggested the party has more to accomplish.

 “We thank the Republican Party for rightfully acknowledging the ‘digital revolution’ and the critical roles technology, innovation and trade play in driving our economy, creating good jobs and strengthening our international competitiveness.

“Specifically, we are encouraged by the party’s goal of creating a business climate that promotes innovation – allowing the sharing economy to compete in an open and competitive market, ensuring access to spectrum to meet our demand for anytime/anywhere connectivity and encouraging the innovation needed for the Internet of Things to thrive. We also applaud the platform’s recognition that American innovation deserves the freedom to succeed or fail on its own merits and international trade is crucial to our economy.

“With every election cycle, the growing influence of technology and innovation is further shaping the public policy discourse in our country. We’re hopeful the platform’s inclusion of these issues means we’ll soon see a detailed policy agenda from the Trump-Pence campaign, outlining its specific positions and priorities on technology and innovation.”

The statement comes on the heels of the release of an open letter by more than 140 technology leaders calling out Trump as a “disaster for innovation.”

Meantime, the Republican platform calls out the Obama Administration as the biggest threat to a free and open Internet.  “The survival of the Internet as we know it is at risk,” the platform says in its “Protecting Internet Freedom” plank.