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CTA To Step Up Security At CES

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) will tighten up security at next month’s CES as a precaution even though there are no known, credible threats against CES, the association said.

CTA cited “recent global tragedies” for its decision.

“While we know of no credible threat against CES, we remain vigilant,” said CTA president/CEO Gary Shapiro. “We are communicating with the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and local law enforcement officials as we enhance security measures onsite at CES 2016.”

Here’s what attendees should expect:

Bag Restrictions

–Luggage may not be brought into official CES exhibit and conference areas. That means no suitcases at the venues.

–Bag check availability at show venues will be extremely limited, so attendees should allow extra time for checking and retrieving luggage.

–Rolling bags of any size will be prohibited. That includes luggage, carry-ons, laptop and computer bags, and rolling luggage carts.

–Only two bags, each smaller than 12 by 17 by 6 inches, can be brought into official show premises. CES exhibitors and credentialed members of the press, however, may receive specific exceptions.

–Bags will be searched, so CTA suggests attendees use clear bags to expedite searches. CTA also suggests not bringing bags and backpacks with many pockets because they slow search times.

Body Screening

–Everyone will be subject to metal-detector screening and body pat downs upon entering show premises. CTA said it will conduct searches at specific points to ensure quick and easy access to exhibit halls to reduce the number of times attendees have to go through security.

–CTA suggests not wearing heavy or bulky clothing because it slows the screening process.

Enhanced Security Personnel

–More security and law enforcement personnel will be on hand inside and outside show properties.

–As a precautionary measure, police officers in armored gear and explosive detection dogs will be visible “throughout various CES facilities.”

Registration and Identification

–All attendees must have an official CES badge and government-issued photo ID on hand before they can enter show venues.

–CTA strongly encourages pre-registering online and picking up badges at the airport or hotel.