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CTA Congratulates Trump

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) congratulated Donald Trump on winning the presidential election and expressed its hope that he and the incoming Congress can push through a range of pro-tech industry initiatives.

In a statement, CTA president/CEO Gary Shapiro said: “We congratulate President-elect Trump and are optimistic that major policies supporting innovation, infrastructure and the economy can go forward. Technology and innovation are major drivers of the U.S. economy and provide hope for the future by creating jobs, leading our nation’s competitiveness and providing solutions to global challenges.”

He continued: “As President-elect Trump begins work on his economic agenda, we encourage his administration to embrace the Technology Sector Presidential Platform put forward by the technology community. This agenda will help the president-elect pursue our shared goals of stimulating job creation, economic growth and innovation in the U.S. 

“Additionally, the continued Republican majority in the Senate presents an opportunity for Congress to rollback unnecessary rules, tackle high-skilled immigration reform, reduce patent troll extortion, lower corporate taxes and reduce spending.” 

Concluded Shapiro, “We congratulate President-elect Trump and the newly-elected Congress and look forward to working closely with his administration to ensure the United States remains the world’s leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.”