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CEDIA Expo Attendance, Exhibitor Counts Up

Denver – CEDIA Expo attendance grew for the second consecutive year, this time by 3 percent to 18,500, and the number of exhibitors grew to 480 from 470 to its highest point in years, CEDIA announced.

This year’s show, which wrapped up Saturday, also enjoyed a 14 percent increase in show-floor square footage, CEDIA said.

Attendees came from 82 countries, similar to 2013’s 84 countries and up from 2012’s 71 countries. One hundred exhibitors were first-time exhibitors,

The 2015 Expo will shift in time and place to Oct. 13-17 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas.

In 2013, Expo attendance grew 5.9 percent to 17,900 following a 2012 drop of 4 percent to about 16,900 and a 2011 drop of 15 percent to 17,600. Show attendance peaked in 2007 with more than 29,000 people attending, but attendance fell to 25,500 in 2008 and again in 2009 to 20,322.

This year’s exhibitor count exceeded 2013’s 470, 2012’s 450, 2011’s 444, 2010’s 450, and 2009’s 426. In 2006, the exhibitor count was 560, which dropped to 500 by 2008.