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Stuff Turkeys, Not Shopping Bags On Thanksgiving: Survey

Most people would prefer that these companies let their employees spend the day stuffing turkeys instead of shopping bags, according to a survey by

So this survey indicates consumers strongly agree with the sentiments in a blog I wrote last week, “Black Thanksgiving,” that being open on the holiday is a lousy idea.

In a survey released today by, part of the About Group, an overwhelming majority (87 percent) of consumers believe all retailers should remain closed on Thanksgiving Day. Sixty-one percent think more highly of retailers who give store employees the day off to spend with their families, while 26 percent would rather spend time with friends, family or doing something other than shopping. The survey was done in November with 1,003 consumers responding.

We will find out before the holiday weekend is over whether consumers will trudge out to stores the evening of Thanksgiving Day for sales.