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Million Dollar Laptop

I’m a little late coming to the $1million laptop that has popped up on the Web.

Just in case you missed it, a U.K. company called Luvaglio supposedly will release a $1 million laptop computer. Nothing is firm on this because the company is keeping its mouth shut and not even letting people onto its Web site without an invitation.

Engadget has an image of the laptop, but specs are hard to come by on the Web. A few specs and features can be found here, but how much can anyone pack into a laptop chassis that will make it worth $1 million? The company states the value is built into the unit and the price is not inflated merely by encrusting the case in diamonds.

I find it pretty hard to believe this is true. Even a totally tricked-out desktop or notebook is hard-pressed to sell for more then $12,000 or $15,000. Maybe it’s the potential accessories that will make it worth the price.

When Luvaglio does unwrap its creation, what we will see is the world’s first notebook that delivers $996,000 in profit to its manufacturer. Maybe the flat-panel TV market should chat with these guys to help shore up their pricing problems.